Madrid 2008

My last creation. Done in 3 days with AE. Once again, thanks to Fran for his help. Lovely music by Radiohead.

Fran web site

Google Android: GPanama (2008)

Done in 5 days. No video shoot, all done with AE. Music created by my friend François. Once again, it's "quick & dirty". No real message (no request/spec. from customers, our managers).

connecting (2008)

Work done for my company (Continental at Sophia-Antipolis), to promote it! Done in 14 days with my friend François Spinelli. Here also, nothing from our managers, just "make a movie on our competences! but don't show our products". Yeah... Well done! Easy again ;-)

Music from Moby, editing under Adobe Premiere and switch to Adobe After Effects for post-prod and finishing. 3D Tracking done with Mockey (Imagineer System). Ambience sound added by Fran.

divx version (60 Mo)

some funny tests created during this work:

3D logo with a MEGA zoom test
Matrix...? Just with few pictures
aka Marvel... should be use as banner for the web site, but... not! ;-)
just a test, to play with echo fx.


Amadeus (2008)

work done for a friend (françois's wife) that work at amadeus company. This movie was show to hundred people at the beginning of an internal meeting.

This work was done in only 48h. I just perform editing and VFX.

at the beginning I just create the intro, but seeing it, she ask me to fresh-up his version.

divx version (2 Mo)


OTOMAT (2008)

OTOMAT is my main project at Continental Corporation (previously Siemens VDO). It's a HMI Automated Testing program (oh yes, I forget to tell you, I'm a software developer). This video was done in a couple of days for a presentation.

Previous video version can be found here


Some old stuffs...

Happy new year 2008.... Done with AE and particleIllusion.


Mirabilandia 2007...

To test Fusion 5... hum... powerful, but I feel me better with AE. Definitively ;-)