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Here, you can find some of my personal developments.

First item is a plug-in for Adobe Photoshop CS3/4 (x32 & x64) to read/write Softimage|XSI Pic file format

Installation: easy, put it in Photoshop's plug-in folder (sub-folder 'File Formats' is the best choice).

UPDATE 22 May, 20011:

bug fixing: some time picture is loaded as a SmartObject!

32 bit version (tested under XP x64 & Win 7 x64, CS4)

64 bit version (tested under XP x64 & Win 7 x64, CS4)
12-Mar-2009: bug fix with some picture ;-)

Please report any bugs to, thanks


Priority is a small NT Service who changes dynamically the priority's process. If you want to keep your system available every time, just define your priority settings in the priority.ini (provide as example and help) for each executable.

How to install:

  1. download it and uncompress files in your Windows folder
  2. Via Command Prompt, enter priority -install, to install service
  3. And priority -start to start it
  4. Now, each 2 secondes, all priorities processes are modified as you want
  5. to stop it: priority -stop
  6. to uninstall it: priority -uninstall

Small update, add OFF as priroty; that means priority service kill automaticaly application with OFF priority.

32 bit version & 64 bit version

Tested under XP Pro SP3 x86 and under XP Pro SP2 x64.

What about Vista... hum.. I'm waiting Seven, Vista is too dirty!

About x64 version: extract archive and rename priorityx64.exe to priority.exe (because <filename>.exe -> <filename>.ini)


Windows explorer is great because you can preview some picture. Unfortunately, it display only some picture format, and of course, not Softimage.

XSIThumbnailProvider provider thumbnail preview for Softimage picture.

Windows 7 screen capture:

screen capture

Note: alpha channel is not managed.

Just 64 bits (for the moment), only tested on Windows 7 x64

Please, refer any bug

XSIThumbnailProvider (x64)

To install: copy dll in system folder (system32), and register it with REGSVR32 command. Under Seven (maybe under Vista also), you must have Administrator rights.

Updated: to fix small bugs.


As XSIThumbnailProvider but for EXR picture.

It is big (~1.2 Mo), but it stand-alone, no DLL dependency.

As XSIThumbnailProvider

EXRThumbnailProvider (x64)


As previously, to complete the collection ;-)

HDRThumbnailProvider (x64)

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